Are you a Birth Worker or Health Care provider who works with parents and babies?

We can help you become more confident with infant feeding.  All our sessions are conducted virtually, and one-to-one, however a group session can be arranged.
See below for more information about what we offer.

Birthing Centre

Using Bottles to Feed the Baby


This is a half hour session where you will learn to show your clients how to feed their babies in a respectful way to the baby.  Whether this be with formula or expressed breastmilk.
You will also learn about alternative ways of feeding the baby in the first few days to help protect breastfeeding.

Golden Hour and the first few days (infant feeding and normal behaviour)


One to one, hour long session.  You will learn about the hows and whys of breastfeeding in the early days and what is biologically normal and expected.  Learn different positions, tricks and tips for getting baby to latch.

Confidence Call


One to one, hour long call.
We'll work together honing and perfecting basic infant feeding, in a breastfeeding friendly manner, from latching, to getting extra milk into baby and paced feeding.  If you have any specific worries/concerns/gaps in knowledge, this is the call for you!

3 step rewind birth trauma


3 one to one sessions, approx. 60 minutes each.
Are you feeling traumatised by events surrounding a birth you attended? This technique reframes and reprocesses your experiences so you remember them in a more positive light and be able to move on.