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We offer some courses over a few hours or a few weeks.  Check them out below:

Smiling Baby

Getting Ready to breastfeed


This is a 2 hour group session over Google meet. We will go through some anatomy and how breastfeeding works, as well as things you need to know to ensure breastfeeding is going well. Q&A time at the end, so make a list before you attend to get the most out of the time! Bring along your partner too for free!

Natural breastfeeding digital program


Breastfeeding goes more smoothly if you know a few basics before your baby is born.  This program brings the basics to your device, with access for life.  You will get more than 60 videos demonstrating easy-to-use comfort strategies, answers to many common questions and photos of many different body types while feeding.
This program is developed by Nancy Mohrbacher and Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, and provided to you by Lactation Cymru.

Mindful baby


This is a 5 week group session. 

So what's this hippy sh*t all about?

Well actually did you know it's backed will a shedload of research?

Babies are stress inducing little things! Yes, they're cuddly and cute (thankfully!) and you just want to kiss and nibble their toes (fun fact, this is to figure out what antigens your milk needs to include), but boy they can be stressful at times!

If your baby is 3 months or younger it's the best £70 you could spend!

This course focuses on your mental health, making feeding your baby a calm, connected positive experience.

*International Board Certified Lactation Consultant led course

*basic breastfeeding and emotional support for the 5 weeks

* discussion based around your worries

*each session begins with a grounding and ends with a guided relaxation

*different topic for discussion each week, ranging from mindset tools to normalising infant behaviour

* receive a free relaxation on payment, phone wallpaper affirmation (Welsh or English) in week three and your favourite guided visualisation on the last week

Affiliated with Mindful Breastfeeding School- Training for Professionals

Mindfulness Antenatal course


Antenatal course with a difference!

Can be done virtually or in person at your home.

This antenatal course focuses on your mental wellbeing and preparation for feeding your little one, unlike our Antenatal workshop which looks at the physical and practical side of feeding.

This is a bespoke course on a one to one basis.

We will look at different aspects of mindset tools, your worries and set you up with some basic grounding for your first hours and days.

Stress triggers you around this vulnerable time include words of wisdom from family, friends and healthcare professionals, your own worries, we'll look at these and help you prepare. 

We'll look at ways of optimising your 

Taking a moment, breathing regularly, listening to relaxation has been proven to change and improve your mindset and therefore your emotional well-being. Have a read of the blog to learn more.

Our Mindful sessions can help empower and give you these tools!

The structure of each session will be 

*grounding breathwork

*mind body and connection learning 

*looking at mindset tools 

*guided visualisation

Each session you will be given an affirmation card or relaxation mp3

Mindful breastfeeding / antenatal taster


would like a taster of the mindful sessions, but don't know if it's for you?
Why not book a one off hour session

Birth and Breastfeeding Trauma Recovery


It is estimated that 30,000 women experience trauma during their birth or the time around it.  This can show as mood swings, flash backs, anger, avoiding the location of, or talking about the birth.
The birth trauma 3 step ReWind is a process that supports and helps you process and lift heavy feelings and become more confident and positive about the future and your experience.
It includes retelling your story and relaxation, guided visualisations and looking into the future.
More information can be found in our dedicated blog post, or contact us.