Everything you need to know.
We don't bite, you have nothing to lose in contacting us!

Contacting us

● We can be contacted by email, through our website, directly to our social media pages, or via carrier pigeon (joking, those things are expensive.) 
● We will arrange a day and time to see you that is convenient for you
● This can be virtual or face to face in your home - your choice. (travel may incur an extra charge).

Information gathering and payment

● We will send you an email with forms to fill in - these will be a consent form and an information form. We ask that you try to get these back to us as soon as you can and include as much relevant info as possible as this means that we can spend more time directly with you when we see you, rather than information gathering.
● The email will also contain payment information - please send over payment before the appointment.

Appointment Day

● We will double check that you are still ok with the appointment time. (We know that things crop up - visitors, midwives/health visitors etc)
● We will do a lateral flow test in the morning and send you the result. You can also perform a test if you would like, however it is not essential.
● We will go through the current Covid precautions with you. These may include having open windows/doors, no extra people etc. (Minimise risk as much as possible)

● We ask that you try to time the baby’s feeding so that they are ready to feed when we are there. Don’t worry if you can’t, we don’t want baby or you to be stressed! No doubt we will get out chance to watch a feed soon enough!

  • If you would like to make some recordings for us to watch while we are with you that would be great - we find that they are always perfect little angels when we are trying to show someone the problems!

When we arrive at your home

● We will arrive with PPE according to current Covid precautions. This will be a mask/visor, apron and gloves.
● We will ask for a space to wash our hands.

Your appointment

● We will chat about your concerns
● At some point we will ask to check inside your baby’s mouth. This is to check their oral anatomy. You can decline if you wish.
● We will observe your breasts, probably during a normal breastfeeding session, you may not realise we are doing it. This is to check for anatomical issues.
● We will encourage you to feed your baby as normal while we are with you. We will move around you to get a better look, or from different angles.
● We may make some suggestions of alterations for you to try. We aim to not touch you or your baby, but let you make the adjustments yourself if possible.
● We are happy to answer any questions you may have and aim to provide you with as much information as possible.


● We will send you over an information sheet summing up your appointment. This will usually be the same day, but please allow up to a day as we are mothers ourselves!
● You will get 2 weeks of unlimited remote support. You can email or message us any questions you may have and we will get back to you as promptly as possible (but maybe not at 4am!).
● We want to hear from you! Please keep us updated during this time as to your situation - especially any weighings so we can ensure we are giving you the most appropriate support.

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