Update August 2021: We are offering face to face appointments as required within reasonable travelling distance from Anglesey.  We will still offer virtual sessions for those who would prefer, or if you live further than reasonable travelling distance.  

When we attend your house we will still still be prepared with PPE and sanitation.

Update June 2021: We are now offering face to face initially if that is what you would prefer.  We will come with PPE and ask that you minimize people in the room with us and have airflow if possible.

April 2021: We currently aim to do most of our consults virtually, utilising Google Meet. We find this has worked very well so far.

If you do need a face to face consult then we could to do a virtual consult first. This enables us to assess whether face to face is absolutely necessary, and if it is then we can get as much information virtually first so to minimise the amount of time we have to be in your home. This extra time will incur an extra cost (similar to standard consult fees, with extra remote support also).

If we do have to visit your home then we will come prepared with PPE, however we do ask that there are minimal people in the room with us, and fresh air circulating. It’s all about minimising risk. We will reassess the situation regularly.

Stay safe 😊