* IBCLC in your pocket *

£80/month £45/fortnight

  • Remote support when you need it

  • Quick response (in the daytime!)

  • There is no such thing as a silly question!

  • Ask anything!

  • (More complex breastfeeding issues will need a separate consult.  This package is perfect for the niggling doubts and questions!)


IBCLC in my pocket

Remote breastfeeding support.

What if you could have easy access to an IBCLC, to ask questions whenever you thought of them and get a reply straight to your phone?

That's exactly what we can offer you!

You will get either a fortnight or a month of support, remotely through messenger or email.  We endeavour to reply ASAP, however, please bear in mind that we are also mothers (read as: cook, cleaner, taxi, bum wiper.....) and that we probably won't be awake at 4am!

This package is for you if you just have some worries, or if you want to make sure there's someone there after birth for the niggly questions.  This package is not suitable for the bigger issues, as it wouldn't be fair on either you or us to try to go in depth into an issue via messenger.  We will look at pictures to see if things look good, but if the problems are major then may ask you to book a consult with us (discounted), so that we can have a proper look.

If you are a friend or family member, this is a fantastic gift to pass on to those you love who are expecting a child!