* Initial Consultation *


  • Face to face or virtually

  • Any breastfeeding concerns

  • Up to 90 minutes, can be split over 2 sessions, with follow up personalised information package

  • 2 weeks remote support via email or messenger

  • We will support you to solve your current breastfeeding concerns so you can continue with ease, for as long as you desire.

  • If you would like further consults they will be at a reduced rate.

  • (May incur a travel fee)


What is it? What to expect.....

Are you having a breastfeeding problem that you feel needs a bit of extra support? This could be something like:

  • positioning during breastfeeding

  • Sore nipples or breasts

  • Recurrent blockages or mastitis

  • Slow weight gain in baby

  • Need to pump

  • Premature baby

  • And many more..........

We are here to support you through your breastfeeding journey and can help you through any hiccups.​

When you contact us for a consult we will arrange a suitable time with you and then forward you on some forms to fill in.  These are a consent form (this is mandatory), and an initial contact form.  This allows us to gather some information beforehand so that we can maximise our time spent with you.  If you are worried about baby's weight then it could help if you forward on a snap of their red book graph.

During our time together we will explore your concerns thoroughly and come up with a plan for you moving forward.

After we finish you will be forwarded an information sheet which will detail our session together and provide you with a written record of the information you need, so you always have it to hand.

You will then receive 2 weeks of remote written support.  You can email or send messages directly to us as much as you need, and we will endeavour to reply promptly (maybe not at 3am though!).  We ask that you do keep us updated as to how things are going, so please use these 2 weeks to your benefit! A tough breastfeeding situation can evolve so rapidly that you may need extra support, that we can provide during this 2 weeks, as things change (for the better hopefully!).

Let us support you.