* Mindful Breastfeeding *

from £30

  • 45 minute one-off mindfulness session

  • Also option of a 3 part session (mind, body, connect)

  • And 6 week mindful baby course


What is it?

So what's this hippy sh*t all about?

Well actually did you know it's backed will a shedload of research?

Babies are stress inducing little things! Yes, they're cuddly and cute (thankfully!) and you just want to kiss and nibble their toes (fun fact, this is to figure out what antigens your milk needs to include), but boy they can be stressful at times!

We provide a 6 week course to get you through those first weeks with a new baby, and a 3 session more intensive course,  but if you would like a one off session then this is the appointment for you.  With the single session you will have a guided relaxation and can benefit from basic breastfeeding support.

You will leave feeling calmer, relaxed and more confident.

Mother and Baby