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Myth: Breastfeeding comes naturally

Fun tip: baby giraffe can walk from 30 minutes after birth!

Imagine you are a baby, learning to walk. How many times do you wobble, stumble, fall over, bump your head. Would we ever expect a human baby to be a giraffe? Of course not!

Breastfeeding is very similar. It needs to be learned!

These two people, who have only just met each other, are expected to be able to work in synchrony without any hiccups, and it just doesn't always work like that! And then any hurdles can seem huge, unexpected and difficult to overcome.

How can you make it work better? Support. Seek out that support. From your midwives, health visitors, local or social media peer support groups, friends and family, or a lactation consultant. And get prepared before birth! Your chances of success are much better if you know what to expect. A little bit of time spent during pregnancy, could save stress after birth.

Breastfeeding is NATURAL but doesn't necessarily come NATURALLY.

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