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Myth: Small breasts make less milk.

Right, lets get down to some anatomy:

The blue bits: Milk ducts

The pink bits: Alveoli (stores the breast milk ready to go down the ducts)

The yellow bits: Fat.

This yellow bit is what's important for the size of breasts - some breasts have a lot of fat and some have less. They are all normal and appropriate for that woman!

During pregnancy, the breasts will grow a bit, this is due to those pink bits - the alveoli - a bit like bunches of grapes, proliferating. They will find space in there amongst all that fat, the fat will not change amount.

In some cases, small breasts may find that they may need to feed a bit more frequently than larger breasts. This can be down to the storage capacity, sometimes there just isn't as much space. This doesn't mean they can't make the milk! In fact they may even be better at it than the larger breasts because they have to do it more! As long as the parent is responding to the baby's cues for hunger when they show them then everything will be fine!

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