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Natural Breastfeeding Program

Hello! Have you heard about Natural Breastfeeding?

It's a term coined by Nancy Mohrbacher and colleagues. It is seen as a way to tap into baby's innate reflexes, so that they can feed more effectively, with less pain and less hassle. The baby

pretty much does it all themselves!

All of this is possible because of what Nancy calls 'pressure points'. Baby's have these spots all over their front which help baby to feel secure when they are 'pressed'. We all know that babies act like little turtles sometimes when laid on their backs! This can be the case when they are on their sides in the classic cradle position - they can feel insecure and like they are going to fall. But on their bellies, with critical points touching parents, they don't have to worry about anything other than feeding. These points are on their ribs, belly, knees, and feet.

The 3 key points to natural breastfeeding are:

Adjust your body: We want the parent as comfortable as possible, nice and sloped and totally relaxed. Classic positions of holding the baby up to the breast tire you out, so prop everything up!

Adjust the baby: Once you're nice and comfy, bring the baby to you. Baby should be flat on top of you, in full body contact, triggering those 'pressure points' over their body. Their head should be higher than body, and newborns should be nice and frog legged flat against you. They should be so stuck there that you could go handsfree!

Adjust your breast: This should only be done if the above point of adjusting baby doesn't fix the problem. You may need to shape your breast slightly to help baby attach more easily.

And that's it! May you have many happy breastfeeds!

We can provide you with access to Nancy's fantastic course if you feel that it would benefit you, just get in touch! You will have lifetime access to it for just £15. See details below.

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