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Why do I need Antenatal breastfeeding education?

Knowledge is Power (who said that anyway? Just realised I have no idea! Answers on a postcard please!).

I'm sure you've all heard that quote somewhere. It definitely applies to breastfeeding!

Asking pregnant parents about their plans for feeding their baby.....

'I'll just see how we get on.'

This is great, parents shouldn't put any pressure on themselves - stress isn't good when you have a baby or are breastfeeding. However. Would you expect to be able to ride a bike the first time you ever saw it? I mean, you could probably figure out which part you sit on by the shape of it, but then what?

What if you were able to chat to people about how to ride a bike, where the best place to put your hands is, when its appropriate to use different gears, and how riding a bike can get you to work or school faster than walking? Or watch videos of people riding a bike, and demonstrating exactly how to do it. Think it would be easier then? Probably!

So what about breastfeeding? We know boobs feed babies - but do you think it would be easier if we had some knowledge first? So many people have never seen a baby being breastfed - formula is so common in our society, so it's okay, we wouldn't expect you to know! But we can change that!

Good, detailed breastfeeding education before your baby is here can help you to feel so much more confident! Knowing how it all works, what to look out for (the good and the bad), and all the good stuff that goes along with it, can make you more determined to make it work!

Antenatal education doesn't have to be super in depth - you don't need a degree! Even if you can just pop along to your local support group while you're pregnant, see other parents feeding, get to know them, it can mean all the difference when you are having a bit of a wobble on day 3 and don't know who to turn to!

You could also watch some videos (it's fine to watch boobs on YouTube! Research!), seeing other people feeding normalises it - things we didn't realise we needed to do, or positions to put them in etc. We learn much better by seeing these things in action don't we!?

I'm sure your midwife will also provide you with some breastfeeding education - this is a great start, and if it's a group session then you may even meet some new friends!

If you find yourself hankering for a bit more, or are having trouble finding good places to look for information, that's where we come in! We run antenatal sessions too! This can be a group session (over google meet until COVID sorts itself out), or if you would like a 1-1 then that can be arranged too.

You will learn all about how breastfeeding works, why it is so great, how to know it's going well and tips for when things go tits up! We've had some lovely feedback and welcome all and any questions from our attendees so that you leave satisfied that you can do this! Remember, knowledge is power! We want to change that answer about how you are going to feed your baby to:

'I'm going to breastfeed!'

If you'd like to work through something in your own time, then we can provide access to a course developed by an American IBCLC, Nancy Mohrbacher, which will give you the run down on 'Natural Breastfeeding' (see separate blog post). This will give you so much to look at, and lifetime access means you can go back to it again and again!

As always, if you'd like to chat about any of this, or what we can offer, then please just send us a message, facebook, instagram, the website or by email. We love to hear from you!

Hope to see you soon!

Amy & Karen xo

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